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Every single athlete has patterns and behaviors that hold them back. Have At It Coaching is here to help you in your journey. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible. Coach Trish is a USA Triathlon Level I certified coach, experienced with athletes of all levels.


Closing the Gap

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1-on-1 Focus

Dedicated to You

We know you've got goals. We know working towards those achievements is what keeps it real. Have At It Coaching wants to help you by cultivating a plan, a strategy, a partnership that will be custom tailored for your lifestyle, to get you to that finish line you’ve always dreamt of. Send us a note, let's start a dialogue, so you can start benefiting today.

Training Plans

Superior Guidance

With our training plans, you will find purpose, passion, and focus that will help you to achieve your goals. We create custom work loads, utilizing Training Peaks, to keep you healthy, driven and ready to conquer your racing dreams. Ready to get started?

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Ready Set Go


Committed to Community

Connecting you to a community of athletes with like minded goals, our workshops bring athletes together to learn though shared experiences, group activities and structured racing practice. It’s time to transform your life, and Have At It Coaching is here to give you the tools you need in order to succeed. Shoot us an email to learn more!


Superior Ethics

Have At It Coaching hosts the gold standard in triathlon coaching. Governed by a strict code of ethics set by the USAT. Your well being is our only objective. We want your journey and love of the sport to last a life time. Becoming real. Unbecoming anything else.

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Chris Krculic

Patty was a source of athletic inspiration before we even met! Reading her race reports, following her social feed, seeing how she engaged her community in a way that was always encouraging, was so motivating. Once we started training together, I recognized a whole new level of engagement, weaving mental toughness, with physical durability, all while sharing a fun, healthy lifestyle that connects all athletes involved. Her integrity as a mentor and athlete carries directly through to the way she conducts her business.


Brendan Lally

"I would never ask a worker to do anything I hadn't or wouldn't do myself. When it comes to training, Patty will never have to tell someone to do something she hasn't done, because she's done it all, and then some!"


Hannah Boyd

I did my first triathlon with my Aunt Patty. I was really surprised by how much I really enjoyed it. Everyone was really inviting and I never felt intimidated by anyone. I felt really accomplished at that finish line. I had done something I was honestly not sure I would be able to do. That's an incredible feeling! That's triathlon!

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