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Talking to Dead People- my race strategy!

The shortest but possibly the most compelling Ironman race report ever!

This race report was sent to me by a fierce friend who raced along side me in Louisville. I love it for so many reasons. It’s grit, it’s honesty, but mostly it’s raw insanity! Because let’s face it, if you love Ironman and you love the life it demands of you then for sure, you, like me, and like Chris, are a little fcked in the head!

Ironman Louisville 10/14/18

Let me set the tone:

Nonstop rain, polluted river water, delayed start, 45F degree avg temps. Straight up miserable!

Ironman...Why do i do this?.... by 2XIronman Chris Krculic

Why do I do this...Because psychics are bullshit artists! , that's why! 

I do it because deep into a race, when the day has become beyond long, that’s when I talk to dead people. That’s when I have my best conversations with my father, and others who have departed, but mainly my dad, and God too, and it's real because I feel like although my body is is pain, my mind is in paradise, there is a period of hours, where time is lost but I'm in paradise!.. That's why I look angry when someone wakes me up by cheering, even though I’m grateful for their support and it feels good to see that person cheering or racing along side me, I can’t help but feel angry, or maybe disappointed by being dragged back to reality. It’s like waking from the best dream ever and realizing it’s instantly slipped away forever. 

I've always heard that the mind quits long before the body...... I do not have that problem! If I could condition my body, my mind would carry me on and on forever. My mind is solid AF!


You might be thinking Crazy Ironman stuff, right. .... truth be told we all talk to dead people out there and if you don’t its only because you’re young enough or lucky enough to not know any...yet. But I’m willing to bet we all talk to God out there. Even Heather Jackson has been quoted frequently for admitting she draws energy from her deceased “Nanna” when racing. 

So don’t waste your cash on the psychic networks. Don’t give Diane Warwick another penny. Just sign up for an Ironman and get ready to talk to dead people.

IMLV 2018 Finish Line

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